Pharmaceutical Recruitment Specialists Barrington James

A decade of spectacular growth

Founded in 2002 by Dan Barrington, the present CEO, and his partner Steve James, Barrington James has enjoyed over a decade  of spectacular growth, propelling it to the leading edge of international recruitment in the life sciences industry. 

Driven by the demands of clients

All Barrington James dramatic growth and organisational development has been driven by the actual and potential demands of  clients, as identified by Barrington James leadership. Thus the company’s global geographical reach, its technical spread, the  size of its work force and the high operating standards it maintains have all been all created as a response to evolving client  requirements. 

A cosmopolitan culture

Likewise, the cosmopolitan culture and extensive language skills – collectively we speak over 20 languages - of  Barrington James employees reflect the diversity of its client base and their changing priorities of location for the world-wide  industry. 

A global business

From a handful of consultants, Barrington James has grown to a company of around 100 specialists, with plans to expand to  140 by the end of 2015. Barrington James is a true global business with 3 regional HQ hubs, deliberately situated in the  pharmaceutical heartlands of Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region, and a growing network of satellite offices. 

The ingredients of success

Barrington James success depends on two factors; the quality of leadership, and the quality of the work force. All  consultants are rigorously chosen, intensively trained according to ‘best in class’ standards, and constantly reviewed using  a balanced scorecard approach. The rewards for success are very high indeed, life-changingly high in fact. And now these  incentives include the possibility of becoming a stakeholder in the company. 

The radical ownership pattern

Barrington James takes seriously the aim of growing its own talent, and renewing its own leadership by internal selection.  Many of the senior management team have come up through the ranks. You can read their stories in the biographical section. And  currently 41% of Barrington James equity is on offer to its staff. This widespread ownership is a major pillar of stability in an  often-unstable business. 

World class services

Barrington James now provides a range of world-class services from single assignment Contingency Recruitment to full  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). The company believes that the future model for the best recruitment companies will be for  greater shared recruitment accountability with their clients. 

World class organization

Barrington James consultants are organised into vertical markets, or business disciplines, and are thus specialists,  experts in their field. And therefore experts in your field too. The specialist teams are led by senior consultants and with  them, our sales management report to the strategic leadership. The biographical section of this website ‘Barrington James key  people’ gives a breakdown of the specific responsibilities by geography and speciality of key Barrington James executives. 

Core values

Reputation is critical to Barrington James, as befits a company dealing with the important subject matter of people’s  careers, and a company with a widely shared ownership amongst its work force. Consequently the principles of honesty and  integrity are built into the core and culture of the organisation. 

Intellectual capital

Barrington James believes that knowledge is power, and constantly seeks to ensure that it is au fait with the significant  new developments of the industry by monitoring research, attending industry conferences and seminars on a worldwide basis, and  maintaining up to date proprietary databases. Much of its real expert knowledge, of course, is in the form of the intellectual  capital of its people.

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