Anne Marie Tribe

Training and Development Manager

Training and Development is a priority at BJ, almost an obsession. Management sees it as the company’s own ‘Academy’ – where the talent of the future is nurtured and given the tools to succeed. Not all great players are great coaches, of course, and Barrington James is fortunate therefore to have Anne Marie at the helm of its vital training and development role; someone who has ‘done it’ and also has a talent for passing her knowledge on.

Anne Marie has a massive 28 years experience in the recruitment industry.  She consistently demonstrated her ability in technical and specialist recruitment, in permanent and contract markets, winning Top producer awards many times.

Passing on skills

Anne Marie’s skills were so valuable in fact that her company wanted to clone them, and she was encouraged to switch roles and set up their Graduate Training and development Programme. Anne Marie was determined to move away from a ‘Do and Tell’ management style to a ‘Coach and Mentor’ approach. The results were impressive in terms of consultant growth, sales, and employee retention, and recognised as such by an Industry Award.

Central importance of training and development

After 4 years helping Barrington James as an external training specialist, Anne Marie finally joined full-time as training and development manager in January 2012. The training programme, a best in class model, is now firmly embedded in the company. It is recruitment specific, sales and consultant specific, and delivered in bite-sized chunks, building in complexity with on-desk follow up and coaching. Anne Marie is confident that, given the centrality of training and development at the heart of the company, the continued growth of Barrington James will lead to growth for her own department and role.

The satisfaction of helping others succeed

The whole of Barrington James, like Anne Marie, is intensely proud that where possible, the company grows its own talent, and that there is a clear and transparent ladder of promotion. The great satisfaction of Anne Marie’s job is seeing joinees, with her assistance, climbing that ladder right to Director level. Or as she puts it ‘seeing the huge pay cheques transforming lives and delivering dreams’.

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