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Opportunity without boundaries

Barrington James is a fast growing and developing global business. We are always on the look out for exceptional people. Are you, potentially, the blood who can drive the business to the next level? If so, the rewards will be limited only by your ambition and performance.

Barrington James is happy to consider candidates for various entry levels into the company, from recent graduates, to experienced consultants.

Training and Development

At Barrington James we believe passionately in giving our people the right tools to do the best job.

Consequently, our training and development programmes are second to none, and consistently conform to the very best practise for the industry. New consultants complete a rigorous and practical on-going programme, that gives them a thorough, practical grounding in all aspects of the recruitment process, and how Barrington James operates.

But of course, learning never stops at Barrington James. It is regularly refreshed by both in-house and external seminars and training programmes. The most important learning of course comes from the structured experience you will get from the job, and rubbing shoulders with some of the best operators in the industry.

All performance at Barrington James is formally monitored, reviewed, and rewarded using a tailored Balanced Scorecard system. This structured approach means that career development is not haphazard. There is a genuine ladder of achievement for all employees. We are proud of the rapid promotions achieved by some of our high fliers. Just read some of the brief biographies on this website.

Reward Structure

From its inception the Barrington James philosophy has been to recognize and reward success. Now the company is justly famous for its best in class reward programmes. Competitions run every day, every week, every month, and every year. Every great performance and great performer is recognised, celebrated and rewarded. The Barrington James reward programme offers a truly amazing variety of opportunities – to dramatically increase earnings, to travel, to have fun, and to experience something new. Have you had lunch at the Savoy with your CEO? Have you spent 5 days sampling all the delights of Las Vegas with your other successful colleagues? Have you won a weekend trip to New York, or VIP tickets to the best cricket matches or Horse racing venues? These are regular occurrences at Barrington James. We have fun, as individuals, as a group, as a team, and as a company.

The best way to get an insight into what happens at Barrington James is to read some of the brief biographies on this website. Our most successful people really do talk about making a ‘life-changing’ career choice as well enjoying the fun and excitement of the outstanding incentive programme.

And above and beyond that, Barrington James, perhaps uniquely in the industry, operates a share scheme gives the opportunity for employees to become stakeholders in the company. Fully 41% of Barrington James equity is in the hands of, or available for distribution to, its employees.

Culture and Environment

There is, unquestionably, a buzz about working at BJ. Yes, we are professional, dedicated and hard working with high ethical standards, but we have fun. BJ is a diverse community, with a great mix of nationalities and languages and personality types. We are all different, but we are a team. And a very successful one. Is this a team you would like to join?

What’s it really like working for Barrington James

What are we looking for in candidates wanting to join the team?We welcome diversity. We don’t actually care where you come from. As long as you can show us something that you have done well with in the past, we are less concerned with your education and language skills – although life science graduates with a couple of extra languages will get our attention. But if you have the attitude. If you really have the ambition. If you are prepared to learn and work hard. We’d like to hear from you.

There’s a good quick way to get a real insight into what is like to be part of the dynamic Barrington James organization. Just read some of the outline biographies we have included on this website. Follow this link.

Read some of the stories about team members with Barrington James. We think you will agree that they have one thing in common – these people are winners.  Are you?

We are extremely proud of our history, our achievements, and our most talented individuals. We have a ‘wall of fame’ at our world HQ which shows all the company’s record holders, the people who collectively continue to break the conventional notion of what can be achieved. They are recognised, celebrated, and handsomely rewarded. Do you want to write your name be written on our ‘wall of fame’?

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