Charles Phethean

Sales Director, EMEA

Something of a legend

Charlie is something of a legend at Barrington James. For a start he epitomises two classic Barrington James traits;

- It doesn’t much matter where you come from.
- And there is no limit to upward progress.

A rich source of anecdotes

 Charlie’s career started, somewhat atypically, with a 12-year stint in the Dance Music Industry, working in London and Sydney. This was high energy, great fun, and a lifetime treasure trove of anecdotes. Then for 4 years he worked in Estate Agency, typically ending up running his own show.

A rapid rise

In 2006 Charlie took a radical change of direction in his career and joined Barrington James as a consultant.  In the coming months and years he proceeded to climb the corporate ladder with his habitual verve, making team leader in 2008, sales manager in 2009, sales director in 2011, share-holder in 2012, and Board member by the end of 2013.

‘the sort of money I could only dream about’

Initially when Charlie came into the brave new world of recruitment at Barrington James he quickly realized that with focus and determination his earning potential could be huge. Provided he worked at it. And Charlie did work at it. He worked long and hard. He found he could fit an extra day into the week if he started at 6.30, and went home when he had finished. As he says this kind of effort and commitment ‘enabled me to earn the sort of money I could only previously dream about’.

still a record holder

Although now in the highest managerial ranks, Charlie is still tightly proud of the records he set on the way that still stand, such as the total billings for a year for an individual, the highest number of placements in a month. These records are now just targets for the newer members of the sales elite.

excited about the future

Charlie is proud of his achievements and proud of the Barrington James organization he helped grow. He loves the culture and the working environment of the offices, insisting ‘it is a fun place to work’, as well as providing its employees with ‘life-changing and worldwide career opportunities’.

‘With the share-owning plan in operation, and with the passion and drive of the senior management team, it is not hard to be very excited about the future of Barrington James’.

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