Dan Barrington

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Barrington James CEO Dan Barrington is a natural entrepreneur. He comes across as a down to earth, pragmatic guy, as indeed he is, but he is also, though he wouldn’t use the word, a visionary. His agile mind is constantly fixed on the future, always looking for opportunities. He recognised very early on that to fashion a sharp competitive edge, a business needs either to do something significantly new, or to do something dramatically better.

In 2002 when he co-founded Barrington James, Dan had had a solid grounding in sales and marketing in the retail industry, and 4 years in a successful recruitment company. He was by then utterly convinced that he could provide a dramatically better recruitment service for clients and candidates and thereby build a successful and solid company.

Dan’s central idea was that he could do this by creating a specialist company that would attract great people, and retain them by providing unrivalled career opportunities, and a great quality of work experience. He describes this business concept as ‘a virtuous triangle, with 3 equally important sides; great clients, great candidates, and great colleagues’.

A decade of spectacular growth has vindicated this approach beyond question, and Dan is particularly pleased that Barrington James’ rapid expansion in size and geographical spread has allowed and encouraged employees to stay and grow in stature and reward within the company.

In 2011 Dan masterminded a radical re-organization of Barrington James to move it up to the next level; to underpin and ensure its transformation from niche recruitment agency to major international company. BJ’s external training company was   purchased and absorbed to underscore the importance of continuous training to company effectiveness and BJ’s ownership was opened up to the work force to an extent unique in the industry. Now fully 41% of Barrington James shares are available for employees.

Dan says he still wants to get up and come to work in the morning because he loves ‘working with great people in a common cause’. Barrington James has truly ambitious plans for the next 7 years, and Dan believes they can be achieved in the same company atmosphere and spirit that has brought them so far. An atmosphere he describes as ‘dynamic, team-work based, and fun’.  

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