EUSA Jazz Pharma

The Situation

Our global client specialises in the niches of Oncology and Critical Care. They had been seeking a Head of Regulatory Affairs for 9 months with the assistance of an executive search firm. The majority of CV’s were not at the right level of seniority or did not have the niche skills required. The client felt that it was necessary to bring in a specialist pharmaceutical firm as opposed to a specialist search firm.


Having already paid a retainer, we decided the best route for them from a cost point of view was to work the position on a “Contingency” basis, with an exclusive agreement. This allowed us to use our extensive network as well as other techniques such as selective headhunting.


Within one week, we had four highly qualified candidates complete an initial telephone interview, the following week two of these candidates attended face to face interviews. Within one month of working on this position, an offer was made, and the selected candidate started in three months, resulting in a real world increase in the annual turnover of the business. Since this assignment we have built a long lasting relationship and now act as a trusted partner and have since completed many more assignments.

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