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Making Barrington James your recruitment partner of choice
Reasons for you to be confident, reasons to talk to us

  • Our track record – ‘we’ve probably helped you already’. While past success is not a guarantee of future performance, it is actually the best indicator available. Barrington James has an immensely successful history since 2002, making successful placements in over 100 different countries, working for the biggest and the best companies, recruiting across all industry functions and at all levels of seniority up to the Board room. We are a very successful, groundbreaking company, and proud of it.
  • Our specialization – Barrington James has always been a recruitment company focussed on the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, and Biotech industries. We are not generalists. Within the industry our consultants and teams specialize by market sector or function, and you will find the team that best fits your requirements. The quality of our research and industry knowledge we have assembled is second to none. You can use this specialist knowledge. Establishing your current market worth is only a phone call away.
  • The quality of our Staff – Across the world we have around 100 direct employees, focussed on recruitment in your industry. These are rigorously selected, highly trained, and proven professionals, whose single aim is to match your career ambitions with a great job opportunity in the quickest possible time. Due to our excellent executive retention policy, our consultants typically have many years of experience in your speciality. This enables them to give you fast and detailed career advice based on an in-depth knowledge of your job role, and the present state of the market demand for it world wide. We are in this for the long haul and would like to look after your career interests longer term. We would welcome the chance to build the critical relationship with you that can truly accelerate your career.
  • Our relationships and networks – over the years we have developed strong and successful working relationships with most of the leading companies in the industry, and with the key personalities at the cutting edge of your sector, in EMEA, in APAC, and in the Americas. Our world Headquarters is London-Gatwick and we have continental hubs in New York and Singapore, with further offices in Germany, North Carolina, and Kula Lumpur. We are therefore plugged into the power centres and growth centres of the global life sciences industry. Our experts are perfectly placed to assess the best career trajectory you can take on a worldwide basis. The first step on an exciting new path is to contact Barrington James.
  • Our commitment to Candidate Care - We take this seriously, it is the centrepiece of the Barrington James way of working. Whether you are taking the very first step of your career, or are a seasoned director who we have worked with us for many years, our commitment to you is the same; to give you the best career options available, and provide the sound career advice to help you make the right career decision. Remember, you are a brand. We are expert brand managers.

The sort of questions and issues we can help you with might include

  • Are you certain of your current commercial value on the world market?
  • Are you ambitious enough or suitable for rapid progress?
  • Do you need help in identifying and evaluating your true career options?
  • Do you need help presenting your true value to potential employers?
  • Are their gaps in your skills sets that you would like to fill?
  • Are you aware of how much time and effort we can save you by putting the best opportunities for your experience and skills on the table?
  • Do you require personal recommendation to key decision makers?
  • Do you need help negotiating, to avoid any embarrassing moments, with potential or past employers?
  • Do you need help with contractual questions?

Barrington James is there to ensure you make a smooth transition to the next stage of your career. We are there every step of the way.

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