For Clients

The range of services Barrington James offers to clients has evolved, and continues to evolve, to meet their changing needs and ambitions. Over the last decade our organization, and its capabilities, have been transformed.

Originally, a purely contingency and contract recruiter, focussed in the UK, Barrington James is now a sophisticated, highly effective provider of human resources solutions up to full RPO, partnering the pharma, medical devices, and healthcare industries right across the globe.

Contingency Recruitment

Barrington James is an extremely effective contingency recruiter because it is a specialist not a generalist recruitment company. It is large enough to have specific teams working in vertical markets in each of its key functional areas. It has unrivalled networks, state of the art working practises, and a reputation for success and integrity amongst both the candidate and business community.

Expect, as we do, that Barrington James performance will be outstanding

  • In the speed of turn round of assignments,
  • In the quality of communication the client receives on the process,
  • In the standard of candidates presented.

RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

RPO is a fast growing component of international recruitment. RPO is about sharing accountability for the talent acquisition of a company. Its chief advantages to the client are speed of hire, quality of hire, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

But everything depends on the quality of the RPO provider. BJ has built up the manpower assets, market expertise, and robust systems to provide comprehensive RPO, or partial RPO – that is, that limited to a specific location, function, or department - as appropriate to the particular needs of your company.

If you have not yet worked with us, let us demonstrate the potential of this methodology; let us show you what we can do. And if you already have a relationship with Barrington James it’s worth a discussion to find out what more we can do for you.

Retained Campaign Management

RCM offers a true blend of services, enabling Barrington James to deploy a flexible range of proven techniques and expertise to meet the clients’ requirement. Working to timed deadlines, Barrington James typically works with strategic advertising, networking and social media, as well as database mining and selective headhunting.

Contract and Interim

Recruitment of contract and interim staff has been core strength of Barrington James since its inception in 2002. Barrington James has a dedicated Contracts Team with the proven skills and experience enabling the company to respond accurately to short-term and immediate recruitment needs in all the functional disciplines of the life sciences industry, and at all levels of seniority.

Global Executive Search

There are occasions when the level of a vacancy, (that is, its seniority, importance, or novelty,) requires an even more strategic and considered approach to recruitment. Some key appointments simply don’t have traditional job descriptions, or traditional blends of skill sets, making it harder to see an immediate or obvious solution. Sometimes, there is such a degree of secrecy attached to an appointment that it is very difficult to search in a public fashion. Sometimes the appointment is so key to the company concerned, that the successful applicant must be a world leader in his field and one of a tiny handful of possible candidates.

Unearthing the right talent in these sorts of circumstances, and thereby providing peace of mind to shareholders and important stakeholders, requires a different attitude from routine recruitment. It requires superior maturity of judgement as well as enhanced sensitivity. Barrington James has in place a first-rate executive search team of considerable experience, whose job it is to keep a close eye on scarce candidate communities. This team is expert at creating the right market strategy to fit specific client recruitment need, no matter sensitive, or specialist, or important.

A recap for potential clients

Reasons to be confident

Barrington James aims to provide you with unrivalled quality and service, favourably measurable against industry norms. -

  • Speed of hire – from assignment to placement. Barrington James is adept at managing high volume or time critical assignments. We have one of the largest and most experienced teams of researchers available, with the capability to handle multiple vacancies at a moment's notice, and to deliver effective solutions in an agreed time frame.
  • Quality of hire – finding the best candidate, not just the available candidate. Barrington James understands that some vacancies are more important than others. Some jobs are critical to business success, and quality cannot be compromised. In such cases, Boards and shareholders alike require absolute peace of mind that the best hire has been appointed. It is imperative that the right sourcing strategy is adopted from the outset. Barrington James is able to conduct full market mapping, combined with intelligence gathering at the highest level.
  • Cost effectiveness of hire – This is not just about charging competitive rates, although we do. It is about selecting the appropriate recruitment strategy to reflect the nature of the assignment. The supply of more readily available skill sets, or the supply of multiple staffs all of the same position, for example, would require a more robust, cost-effective approach. Barrington James can propose various cost-effective managed services to provide outcomes in line with company budgets. We have teams specializing in temporary solutions, in contracts and interim provision, to enable the client to continue functioning without a loss of momentum.
  • Security – the reputation and distinguished track record of Barrington James is something all our people are proud of, and would never compromise. The challenge of delivering excellence in all we do is an ever-present objective at all levels of the company. It under-pins the confidence that our clients can have in us. Our passion is your security.

These promises of performance are founded on the company's key strengths: -

  • Barrington James has a true global reach, with its international HQ in London-Gatwick, and continental hubs in Singapore, North Carolina, and New York, and further offices in Germany, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.
  • The company specialises in recruitment within the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Healthcare cluster of industries and nothing else. Within this group individual consultants and teams specialize vertically into specific market sectors or functions, and are thus experts in their field
  • Barrington James offers a wide range of services, and within it can tailor-make precisely the service the client needs to provide the most effective recruitment experience.
  • Barrington James staff are numerous and diverse, and will number around 140 by the end of 2014. All are all highly trained, highly motivated, and connected to the key information networks necessary for fast accurate recruitment. The retention of intellectual property within Barrington James is high, due to the company's reward schemes and unique shared ownership profile.
  • Barrington James has expanded rapidly in the last decade, and created an enviable history of success under the direction of an enlightened and experienced leadership. The company has consistently demonstrated an unfettered imagination and dynamism in meeting all the challenges a changing global industry has thrown down. It intends to maintain this ambition.
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