Iain Williams

Operations Director

A safe pair of hands

Behind the dynamic international growth of Barrington James over the last five years, a steady administrative hand has been needed to keep the boisterous organization on track. Iain Williams has exerted that calm systematic control.

Iain joined Barrington James as Finance Manager in 2008, after varied career working his way up the ladder of financial and operational management. Like the company itself, Iain has taken huge steps forward ever since, growing in capability, responsibility and reward. He was appointed Director of Global Operations in 2013.  

Another classic Barrington James example of internal talent being given the opportunity to flourish by the dynamism of the company.

Why has he succeeded?

Iain attributes his rise to his present eminence to ‘hard work, attention to detail, unflagging commitment, a can do, pragmatic approach to problems, enjoying the job, and a good sense of humour.’

Primary motivation

Iain is clear about one of the key motivators for himself and other staff. ‘One of the great attractions of working for Barrington James is the opportunity to share in its success via the share ownership plan. The feeling that you are not just an employee, but have ownership of your own financial prosperity is a fantastic motivator’.

Never a dull moment.

It’s a familiar tale at Barrington James, however, that it’s not just the financial incentives, formidable as they are, which are important. The work experience itself is immensely satisfying. Even away from the buzz and excitement of sales.

As Iain says ‘Every day is different. The amount of new experiences and the opportunity to learn something new is incredible. Little did I know when I started that I would be setting up payroll systems in New York, arranging Recruitment Licenses in Switzerland, or becoming an expert in the intricacies of the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore.’

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