James Greenfield

Sales Manager, Germany

James is leading Barrington James major assault on the German-speaking markets, which comprise some of the heartland of the European life science industry, and specialises in QA, Regulatory, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance.

Rising through the Barrington James ranks

After 10 years in the financial services industry, James has moved impressively and swiftly though the ranks at Barrington James, taking advantage of his own skill and hard work and the opportunities created by company’s dynamic growth. Joining as a consultant in 2009, James became a senior consultant, and then sales manager.

Becoming a share-owner

In 2012 the shareholding plan offering scheme design started and gave him the chance to own some of the company – important to James ‘a chance to have my voice heard in the future direction of the company’.

James has steadily extended his range of expertise and depth of market knowledge within Barrington James. Initially concentrating on Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety across Europe, he progressively added mastery of Quality Assurance, Medical Writing, Marketing Communications and Business Development.

James rightly prides himself on the depth of his market knowledge, and sees his main success in creating a new specialist core area – a centre of excellence - within Barrington James – centred on PVG and Drug Safety, not previously addressed. James’ story is yet another example of how talent and ideas and hard work are invariably rewarded at Barrington James.

Passing on wisdom

As sales manager, James is now able to pass on some of his experience to newer member of the company, and is for example an internal trainer in social media use. Barrington James is a great believer in re-enforcing success. It seeks to share information as quickly as possible.

Knowledge in a company is like money in the economy. It’s not just the amount that’s important, but how fast it circulates.

Best thing about working for BJ

James says ‘For me it is that I genuinely feel a valued and respected member of the team, and of a great team at that.’ James believes in the future of the company because he believes in its way of doing things. James endeavours to foster the same spirit of winning and collective endeavour within his own team, giving them the same support and opportunity for success that he has enjoyed.

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