Jonathan Jenkins

Chief Operating Officer

The standard-bearer

Barrington James COO Jonathan Jenkins, known universally as JJ, sees himself as the standard-bearer for excellence within the business. His focus is making sure that the whole company lives up to its vision of providing excellent service to both clients and candidates. Only then can Barrington James future be assured.

The twin passions

JJ’s two biggest professional passions are sales and people. He believes he has been extremely fortunate that these interests have been fused together in his long career in recruitment.

After a classic apprenticeship in sales with blue chip consumer companies, JJ spent 17 years in the recruitment industry working his way to Director.

Then in 2004 he launched Recruitment Store, a specialist training and development company for the recruitment industry, a quickly successful business that provided coaching and mentoring up to Board level.

The attraction of Barrington James

JJ has worked with Barrington James, as a client, since 2009. He became ‘ so fascinated and attracted to the people and the potential of the company’ that he welcomed ever-closer involvement, and in 2011, in a major ownership re-structure, merged Recruitment Store into Barrington James and became a partner in the business.

The revolutionary plan to spread the ownership of Barrington James very significantly amongst the key performers in the company was an important part of JJ’s decision to join the enterprise.

The foundations of growth

An essential part of JJ’s vision for growth was the introduction and entrenchment of many new operating systems and best in class working practices for the organization. The effectiveness of these programmes working on the superior quality of people already within Barrington James enabled the company to match the global needs and aspirations of its clients with a truly global service.

As JJ says ‘being able to tell clients about the huge wealth of intellectual capital that exists within Barrington James is a great USP’.

The unique satisfaction of recruitment

JJ believes that the satisfaction he gets from helping a client find the perfect candidate for its vacancy is unique, and only matched on the other side of the coin, by helping a candidate fulfil his own personal vision by landing a great position.

This understanding that recruitment is not a trivial pursuit but is about changing lives runs deep in the DNA at Barrington James. As JJ says ‘it keeps me focussed on what’s important’.

Not just another recruitment company

JJ believes that the success of Barrington James starts with the strength of its senior management team, and the trust and confidence the whole company has in that team to keep moving things forward.

There is a nice blend of bold strategic vision and a very firm grasp on practicalities. Barrington James is a united confident company. Many of the senior team have worked their way up from inductees, using the superb internal management development programme. JJ sees the universal pride in the company and the ‘unified vision for the future’ of its work force as being his greatest achievements. It is why Barrington James is ‘not just another recruitment company, but one of the most exciting places to work in the industry’.

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