Karl Paddley

Sales Manager EMEA

Specialising in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs.

Karl’s background was in financial services, working for HSBC, when he joined Barrington James in 2007. Being completely new to recruitment Karl faced a very steep learning curve in the early days and it required a lot of effort and determination to climb it.

But Karl soon showed that he was prepared to do the hard yards. He learnt the management techniques and developed the personal qualities that enabled him to provide a first class service to both clients and candidates. He studied hard the nature and practices of the Pharmaceutical industry, and delved into the nuances of his speciality, first Pharmacovigilance and subsequently Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. It was hard work, but it was purposeful and guided. Gradually Karl built up his industry network, creating a strong client base and a talent-rich candidate pool.

It was not long before Karl was making some impressive placements in his sector, and he was consistently at the top end of the company leader board for financial achievement, challenging for the big prizes, and seeking promotion. He became a Sales Manager in 2012.

Karl thinks that Barrington James is a great place to work because ‘there is such a great mix of people there, people from many different backgrounds. Everyone is highly motivated to work hard and be successful.’ The winners in the many competitions and incentives held throughout the year motivate the rest, as these incentives are open to all, and everyone wants to celebrate success. ‘This creates a great working atmosphere where people are rewarded for hard work and success’.

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