The Situation

Our client, a Global CRO, based in a unique and difficult location required an experienced CRA Manager with a proven track record to manage, grow and develop their UK monitoring team of 20 CRA's. Only few could do this job.


With complete exclusivity using our “Contingency” database selection process we were able to highlight a number of individuals across the market who could initially handle the scale of the position and were prepared to relocate. To attract the right candidate our pitch and dealings with the candidate had to embody the belief that the client had as this role was central to the development of the UK office. 


We relocated the successful candidate, who had a proven track record at this level, one that related to our client on a personal level and slotted them into the team as if they had been working there for years. Subsequently we have now seen the UK team grow further in numbers, usurping growth levels of other UK CRA teams at rival companies, enabling a distinct uplift in the number of projects being conducted.

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