Nick Williams

Sales Manager, EMEA

Specialising in Clinical Research, and Quality Assurance

First real job, and what a job

Nick joined Barrington James straight from the University of Kent in September 2009 with a degree in Spanish and Italian, and a lot of ambition. It was his first great recruitment decision.

Early success

In four years Nick has risen swiftly, from consultant to sales manager, and now runs his own team of consultants working in the clinical operations, regulatory affairs, and quality assurance markets of the pharma and medical devices industries.

Continuing motivation

Timing of course is everything. Nick was ideally placed to take advantage of the company’s unique shareholder plan from its inception in 2012. And that was a tremendous boost to Nick’s already strong motivation.

As he says ‘being a stakeholder, having shares on the organization I work for has meant that I have a huge incentive in pushing the company forward to meet its goals. Barrington James believes in success, and in sharing success. The success of the company has given me the opportunity to make tremendous progress. And now as sales manager I can steer others to the same goal. I really enjoy seeing my own team members surging forward and breaking sales records themselves.’

The very best thing about working for BJ

Nick is equally eloquent about what he enjoys about working for Barrington James.

‘The best thing about working for BJ is the people and the culture. There is a unique blend of corporate professionalism and first class service to clients coupled with the ability to reward people in a lively exciting and successful environment makes it a great organization to grow your own career. BJ rewards its staff better than any company I know. With trips to Dubai, Vegas, NYC and Rolex watches and Designer suits being among the frequent incentives for the best performers. Not to mention the share options. If you are successful and contribute to company success you will be successful in your journey with Barrington James’.

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