The Situation

A top five Global CRO - due to changes in the company structure combined with the loss of staff who were made redundant following a downturn in the industry, our client had lost the vast majority of it’s medical team in Europe and staff turnover was extremely high which caused increased instability in the team. This began to give the company a reputation for high staff turnover and subsequently was unattractive to prospective employees.


We worked closely with Human Resources on a recruitment plan to rebuild the team. This involved resource forecasting and reducing the interview process steps and time. Slowly but surely spreading a positive message across the sector, and combined approaches mixing traditional “Contingency” methodology with retained “Campaign Management” and for more difficult roles.


From conception we rebuilt the EMEA medical team back up from less than 5 and recruited 10 Specialist Medics from Lead Medical Director to Associate Medical Directors throughout Western Europe.

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