Senior Management Team

Founder and CEO Dan Barrington has put together a management team that is a mixture of ‘all the talents’. The business    backgrounds and life experiences of the individuals who comprise this inner cabinet are strikingly diverse. But they are united    by a common passion to propel the company forward to meet its formidable objectives.

As Dan says ‘We have always set ourselves targets that are really demanding. And so far we have always exceeded them.    That’s because the Team totally believes in the corporate vision, and together has the talent and drive to make it a reality.    After all, we are all share-holders as well as executives.’

    Dan Barrington - Chief Executive Officer   
    Jonathan Jenkins - Chief Operating Officer   
    Charles Phethean - Sales Director UK/Germany   
    Matthew Bulley - Sales Director Asia/Pacific   
    Iain Williams - Global Operations Director   
    James Lewis - Sales Director Contracts Division   
    Pippa Wilson - Sales Director North America/UK   
    Simon Allsop - Director, Board and Executive Search   
    Chris King - Associate Sales Director EMEA

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