Steve Smith

Key Accounts Sales Manager - EMEA

The gift of the gab

Steve’s career followed a classic sales trajectory, as befits someone with ‘the gift of the gab’, and included selling cars, working in the financial services sector, and in property sales. He was headhunted into Barrington James as a consultant in 2008.

Keeping ambition fresh

Steve sees the real strength of the company in how it continually feeds the ambition of its employees. The promotion ladder is clear and structured. The rewards for good work are great. The incentives are numerous and interesting, and like the share ownership opportunity, all designed to unify the teams, pulling them onwards and upwards.

In his 5 years with the firm, Steve has moved seamlessly from Consultant to Team Manager, winning prizes and promotions, and still finding time for his ‘unlikely bedfellows’ outside interests of underground dance music and the countryside.

Work hard and play hard is normal for Barrington James. The important thing for Steve is that his ambition is still sharp edged, and he still finds the company is showing him fresh fields to conquer.

The best thing about working for Barrington James

Ask Steve what’s the best thing about working for Barrington James and he replies ‘the fact that there are so many answers, so many good things to put on the list’.

Steve’s list?

  • ‘There’s the uncapped earnings potential.
  • The status and pride of working for a globally respected, massively successful company.
  • The transparent, structured career path, with no ceiling.
  • The unrivalled training and development programme.
  • The amazing office buzz, and the strong bonding unusual in a sales environment.
  • The chance to learn from and work with some of the best operators in the business, and to pass on knowledge.
  • The wondering what the day will bring on the way to work. In a nice way.
  • The chance to see your work as an adventure.
  • With the ever widening share ownership, the chance to shape your own career destiny, to ensure that your dreams become reality’.

Well Steve does have the gift of the gab.

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