Stuart Gill

Sales Manager, Contracts Division,  EMEA

A fast rising star

When he was promoted to Sales Manager, Stuart was the youngest person at that level in the company. He was also one of the fastest people in company history to rise from his entry grade of Consultant to full manager status. It took him just 18 months. Stuart is justifiably proud of both these achievements.

No previous recruitment experience

Before joining Barrington James, Stuart had worked in Business Media sales, and had no direct recruitment experience. He was initially attracted to the unique aspect of recruitment, that of dealing with two sets of complementary ‘customers’ – clients on one side and candidates on the other.

Stuart is a clear beneficiary, and shining example of the ‘outstanding’ in-house training and development the company operates.

Barrington James sets a very encouraging and nurturing environment, but of course the vital ingredients in Stuart’s success are his own hard work, and steely determination to achieve his goals.

So many motivations

Stuart asserts that there are many layers of motivation working at Barrington James. The generous commission arrangements permit the ambitious to earn very substantial incomes.

And Stuart has been ‘a big winner in the fabulous incentive schemes Barrington James run. I particularly enjoyed winning the trip to Las Vegas in 2013.’

Beyond the income and the incentives, Stuart has taken the opportunity of becoming a shareholder in Barrington James, which is a very important consideration, and takes motivation to a different level.

In addition Stuart points to the casual atmosphere and social company that Barrington James offers, and ‘appreciates very much the Directors’ eagerness to help you improve, both professionally and personally’.

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